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Go is a great game, not too unlike an art. I only include a few selected links here. Look for applications, and stories. Go Players Home Pages. Tsume Go of the day. Here is the French Go Associations page. Click here to visit Howard A. Landman's Go page.


These problems are from Evan Behre (evanb at clark.net), posted on rec.games.go. I entered them in cgoban, so here they are in SGF format: 1 2 3 4 5 6

My Go Hacks

Please see the hacks page for any of my Go hacks.

Computer Goban

There is a very interesting go client, cgoban that acts as a frontend to NNGS, a frontend to computer go programs, and a sgf viewer and editor.

Computer Go

The game Go is also interesting from a computer science point of view. Go has proven to be much harder to attack mechanically, and even today the strongest program (HandTalk) is not that strong.

The only interesting Go program available as free software is "Go Generation" (GOG), but it's very unknown and I've never seen it run. It was constructed as part of the now terminated Japanese Fifth Generation Program (more here). It only participated once in the FOST competition once (1992), getting a 4th place loosing to Goliath, Handtalk, and Go Intellect. I can't run it as I haven't an implementation of Common ESP (yet!). The ICOT documentation only exists as scanned tech reports, but the most relevant is tr0720 (84 pages of interesting reading), but perhaps also tr0717, tr0718, tr0669, and tr0545 are worth looking into. Here is a hint on how to print them.

There is a mailing list (computer-go-request at comlab.oxford.ac.uk) for Computer Go. They also have an archive of old messages, with a selective archive at http://ftp.halcyon.com/pub/go .

The American Go Association has an excellent page on Go and Computer Go.

Various Links

Go terms
Go Teaching Ladder
NNGS home page
JaGo, a Go playing Java Applet