Hacks, a.k.a. Sins of the past

Last update: 2005-03-14


An update of these pages is long overdue. Some of this dates back to the beginning of 2001. This is what should be coming (most recent first):

Programming Language Implementation




This nifty little micro controller has got a page of its own. See my getting started with AVR page.


Apart from the retro-computing project mentioned above, I've been working on restoring my Nascom II and saving what can be saved of documentation, programs, and tricks. All of it so far can be inspected at The Nascom Homepage. I should mention that I have a rival at MIXTEL.



LIRC - Linux Infra Red Controller

Linux kernel

The Game of Go

I have written a large amount of Go code over the years, like an extremely fast and original pattern matcher, an implementation of Bensons unconditional life algorithm, a small and efficient SGF reader and writer (now part of Gnu Go), efficient implementation of basic Go data structures, and several Goban implementations. Most of this in C, but there is also code in Scheme and Haskell. Over the time, more and more of this code will find it's way to this page, but a lot is still hiding in the archives. So far what is available is (in mostly random order):


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