Summer University in Slovenia 2000

The photo of our rafting team:

As part of AEGEE the AEGEE Ljubljana and the AEGEE Maribor antenna had invited us to fourteen exciting days in Slovenia in the period from 4th of July, 2000 till the 20th of July.

Here are some of pictures from the SU (from before my camera got the flu from laying in 15 cm cold water and a headache from bouncing down the mountain).

Guided tour of Maribor.  The dark figures are us.

Scott and Jasmina walking back the center of Maribor

Dominic taking a picture of someone taking a picture of ... you get the idea...

The merry group

The merry group lined up

Traditional rafting is very wet we gather.  At least we were highly aroused.

I'm really enjoying my place between the greek beauties.

Break after extensive tour of the Ptuj castle.  Hey look guys!  They looked... in all sorts of directions.

Aren't they cute.  I bet Jan-Peter would have liked it to be real.

Picture time in the park of Maribor.

Ain't that a great view.  From the hill of ... eh where are those !$@%# notes?

Gerben in the train to Venezia.

Jan-Willem and our favorite Fin-girl Paivi keeping up appearences...

... before showing their true nature.

After white-water rafting our favorite pass-time: Volleball...

... chatting ...

... or simply enjoying the view (we were there below just minutes before).

A tiny break before the real montain climbing started.

Here my camera died...

Jan-Peter's pictures

Hey look, it doesn't rain.

Shit, we're lost.  Panos doesn't care.

Jan-Peter himself, Jasmina, Scott, and Anna

Panos and Marta


Deserved break after the climb

Splendid view from atop the mountain

Marco hard at work.